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 The general requirements

The app is intended only for the mobile phones with the operating systems of Android 6.0 and higher or IOS 11.0 and higher. At first carefully read the user's guide for the ETA SMART application, so you could understand and use all the functions.

Requirements for Wi-Fi connection

  • only 2,4 GHz; the device cannot be paired with a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network!
  • security WPA1 and WPA2 (recommended WPA2)
  • the device can be paired and at the same used only in one Wi-Fi network (SSID)
  • If you are not sure, whether your router meets the requirements above, contact your network administrator.

Could the device be used also without the app?

Yes. The app serves just as a smart variant of remote control. However even without the app the air purifier works as a full-featured product with all functions.

 Device pairing

For the first pairing with a Wi-Fi network use User guide for the ETA SMART app which could be found in the section "To download". Always follow the individual steps shown directly in the ETA SMART app.

The app itself enables multiple choices of the pairing process. We recommend you have active Bluetooth function, thanks to that the app finds the air purifier during the pairing process and speeds up the whole process.

Basic requirements are:

  • active home Wi-Fi network (2,4 GHz) with strong enough signal
  • smart device with installed ETA SMART app
  • Switch on the device, open the app and set up a user account according to the instructions and perform the actual pairing.

How could I help to successful pairing?

  • Use only smart devices with supported versions of Android and IOS operating systems.
  • Use quality Wi-Fi router that safely covers your home with a strong enough signal.
  • Throughout the pairing process, keep your smart device in proximity to the air purifier (up to the distance of 2 m).
  • Have Bluetooth enabled (you can pair without active Bluetooth in manual mode, but Bluetooth makes the whole pairing process easier and faster).

If there are any issues with the pairing, focus on the following:

  • Make sure the device is within Wi-Fi signal range.
  • In the network name (SSID) should be used ONLY characters a-z and 0-9 (do not use diacritics and characters as "_, -, *, @, +, - or "space"".) The same applies for the password.
  • If your router supports dual-frequency operation (2,4 and 5 GHz), we recommend that you turn off the 5 GHz network during pairing in case of problems (you can then reactivate it).
  • The communication between your device and mobile phone may be interfered with by some programs (e.g.: VPN, firewall etc.) that you use in your mobile phone. Disable these programs for the pairing process.
  • Try pairing with another mobile phone to exclude problem on that phone.
  • Verify that the Wi-Fi network settings and operating system of the smart device meet the specified requirements (see HERE).
  • While pairing, make sure your mobile phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network you want to pair the device to (same SSID).
  • Try creating a new account to exclude problem with incorrect account activation.
  • If it is possible, try restarting the Wi-Fi router itself.

For multi-user control, follow these steps:

  • Each user has to create his own account in the ETA SMART app.
  • The user who first paired his mobile phone with the device is the administrator and has the ability to set up device sharing with other users.
  • The administrator has more authority to control the device than users with whom he shared the device.

 Advice and tips, problems

Advice and tips

  • Use automatic air purification mode – it detects the level of dust particle contamination and adjusts the cleaning intensity accordingly.
  • For multi-user device control (e.g.: family members) you can share the air purifier with their own ETA SMART accounts.
  • You can use the timer function for one-time and time-limited purifying.
  • If you want to reduce noise and button backlighting to a minimum, use the sleep mode function.


The app gets stuck or "freezes".

Restart the app and if that does not help, restart your smart device.

The movement in the app is "choppy" and has a long response time.

Check the signal strength and the stability of your Wi-Fi network. If the fault is not on our side (server failure, etc.) it is most likely caused by a failure or quality of connection of your Wi-Fi network or on your phone.

The app does not respond to anything, even though it has always worked properly. How to solve this problem?

The situation is probably caused by some change that happened in your phone (e.g.: installment of other apps, system actualization etc.) or in your Wi-Fi network. If you cannot solve the problem by reverting the changes on your phone or Wi-Fi network, uninstall and reinstall the ETA SMART app.

If all the procedures and advice above fail and you exclude an error on the side of your phone and Wi-Fi network, please contact us at info@etasince1943.com.


 To download

PDF instruction manuals are available below. These are available for download from www.eta.cz on the air purifier subpage.

1) Instruction manual for the air purifier ETA4569 PURIS SMART

2) User guide for the ETA SMART app